Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pod Racers

Top photo by Dave Innola.
I love how designers of the past imagined the designs of the future. The racer dustbin fairings of yesteryear seemed to me a glimpse of their view of the future. The fairings also increased the speed of the motorcycle so it was definitely a graceful marriage of form and function.

Apparently you can still buy these retro-vintage motorcycle fairings today at Airtech-Streamlining.com . I like the Gilera 125, and the MV Agusta. Though, nothing compares to Evan's magnificent hand-beaten aluminium fairing.


  1. Check out one of the stranger fairings - the NSU "Dolphin" fairing, incorporating a hand beaten aluminum front fender (borrowed from N.Rat's Flickr stream):

  2. Ha, wow, that's crazy looking. I guess it served its "porpoise." XD