Monday, October 14, 2013

Custom Laser Death BSA

Over at Bike Exif you can see the custom Laser-Death BSA, cobbled together over time by artist Maxwell Paternoster from the CorpsesFromHell blog. I always loved this bike because of its character and patina. And there is something about the photos of the bike on display in the house that is very comforting. 

Walking Dead's Daryl Rides a Triumph...ish

The Walking Dead is back. If you're a fan of the show, you may be interested to know Daryl Dixon rides a vintage Triumph chopper motorcycle. Actually it's a Yamaha XS650 frame with a 1965-1970 Triumph Bonneville engine. The website EatSleepRide reports that prior to the fame and fortune acting has brought him, actor Norman Reedus regularly spun wrenches at a local motorcycle shop which served him as an income and soul food. Bits and pieces of the bike have changed through the 3 seasons, but the British engine and Japanese frame configuration remains the same.

The photos below show a Reedus astride his own Hammarhead Jack Pine Triumph not seen on the show. 
via LifestyleMirror

via FansOfTheWalkingDead

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The motorcycles are Royal Enfields. The short film is "Insomnia" shot in the United Arab Emirates and is directed by Marco Möller, founder at Möto. The lead bike is a custom with a re-positioned swingarm for stretch and a ton of cool detail. The other is a "Desert Storm" military model C5. It takes a full 3 minutes and 15 seconds until the viewer gets to see the riding shot, though, it's worth it. I've included screenshots below because they go by too fast to appreciate in the film. Excellent imagery, a little cheesy at times, but the motorcycles and gear (and the girl) make it a decent escape if you're locked behind a desk today...

Insomnia (Short Film) from möto on Vimeo.