Monday, February 1, 2010

Vintage Bike Cafe, Ales France

I went to the South of France last summer and had a great visit with Farid, proprietor of the Vintage Bike Cafe (that's french for "Old Motorcycle Diner") located in Ales, France. Although neither of us could speak the others' language, we had a great conversation for about 45 minutes. Much of it sounded like "oohs and ahhs," peppered with Nortons, McQueens, Triumphs and Burt Munros. Farid, a kind gentleman, is also a rabid Steve McQueen fan and expert mechanic with a shop connected to the diner. Two large windows reveal his workshop so diners can watch vintage bikes being restored or repaired while they eat. How cool is that? That's like steak wrapped in bacon... er, whatever that French dish is called. I'm sure they serve it there as well.

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48 Rte Pont de Grabieux
30100 ALES

1929 Norton racer

Not sure the make of the bike, but behind the bamboo curtain is the workshop. Farid pulls it back when there's work to be seen.

This was manufactured by "Dollar", a French maker

Wish I could say I rode up on this Peugeot, but Farid just has motorcycles sitting out front as props so tourists like me can sit on them and take goofy photos.

We were walking around in Aix en Provence when out of nowhere this masked crusader showed up on a vintage red Moto Guzzi. The exhaust sounded like a bubble machine.



  1. There is just SOMETHING so appealing about a motorcycle that looks as though it has been dug out of a hole in the ground. What self-control it must take to resist taking a hose to it. Thanks for the pics!

  2. Yes!I'll be along there soon. Ta!

  3. I hate to say it, but it looks like it had closed when looking at google maps… Bummer!

    Anyone know for sure?

  4. Yes I checked, the place has gone. It is still worth clicking on the link below. I would have loved to have gone there.