Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Royal Birthday

Can you guess who this is?

It's none other than the then Princess Elizabeth herself getting greasy with an engine during her ATS training in World War II. By the way, girls who work on engines... keepers.

Happy Birthday to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, born April 21, 1926

In honor of Her Majesty's Royal 84th, here's a look at some bikes from the year she was born. A
Triumph, a BSA and a Levis (which, surprisingly was a motorcycle before it was a pair of jeans).

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  1. What a dame, so to speak. Years ago I came across an image on the Internet (wish I'd saved it or remembered where I saw it) that showed the young princess in her mechanic's jump suit leaning against the fender of some great Army truck. Obviously posed (and practically cheesecake) it certainly suggested that she had the stuff. Apparently, she did.