Wednesday, July 14, 2010

James Dean's Triumph Back from the Grave

There is a bit of a mystery right now surrounding a set of photos that have surfaced purporting to be the legendary James Dean's own Triumph motorcycle, resurrected from the grave. The photos appeared today on Bike Exif claiming to be Dean's original bike "restored by his brother."

James Dean was an only child.

He did however have a cousin, Marcus Winslow, who grew up with him and looked at Dean as an "older brother. The photo below appears to show the Fairmount, Indiana, boyhood home where Dean and Winslow grew up. Winslow still lives in the home.

The problem is that once the photos were posted, Justin Glory piped up stating that it was in fact one of three replica bikes he built in 26 days. Closer inspection of the group of photos reveals that they are taken of at least two different bikes (note the rear pillion is mounted opposite in one photo).

So who really restored the original James Dean Triumph? Or is this a very done replica? B/W photos by legend Hollywood photographer, Phil Stern.

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