Monday, August 9, 2010

Ugly Truck Wanted

Thanks again for reading the HMT blog. I have a fairly outrageous request. Her Majesty's Thunder has need for an old 1948-1965 Chevy, GMC or Ford truck to haul our gear. I know, who wouldn't? Well maybe you wouldn't.

Do you, or your father-in-law, or your half-uncle have a hideous, old Apache? A disgusting F100? I don't care how bad it looks or smells. I need one to haul my bike and Her Majesty's Thunder gear to the events that appear on this blog. I'm looking for one that's running, even if it's as ugly as a Pixar character.

Free and ugly would be fantastic, but we could trade for part cash, part advertising space, event sponsorships, custom design or artwork, HMT tshirts, a visit from a well-known Star Wars character, or any combination. You can reach me at Thanks!

Again, she can be ugly. Like Queen Mary zombie ugly.
Here's an idea of what I'm looking for. (Although these are beauties.)

1948-54 Chevy or GMC

1954-56 Ford

1958-59 Chevy Apache

1960 Ford

1960-61 Chevy

1962 Ford
Camion Ford (de profil)

1965 Chevy


  1. Chris, you're not asking for much. Just the cream of the crop for every truck restorer, rat rodder and kustomizer's Holy Grail, best of luck to you! (especially on the FREE part! ;)

  2. It is a fairly outrageous request isn't it? I'm confident our keen HMT readers will come through though. They're a smart bunch. Also, the reader with the winning recommendation gets one of every HMT shirts. That's 7 shirts! How can you beat that?