Friday, May 6, 2011

Now Available: Royal Enfield Tees

Made like a gun. Goes like a bullet. Get our new Royal Enfield racing rags at Her Majesty's Thunder. They're soft, 4.5oz, 100% ringspun cotton tee with the fit and shape of a vintage shirt. For more info on HMT's sizing, see chart below.

Her Majesty's Thunder Ltd. is proud to be carried by Classic Motorworks, the USA distributor for Royal Enfield motorcycles. Enfield Motorcycles of Canada also carries our label.

He wasn't the King of Cool for nothing.
HMT Sizing Chart

David Blasco writes an excellent daily feature at and Jorge Pullin is the curator of the online Royal Enfield historic museum.


  1. Awesome shirts. I'll be buying one of each for sure. Looking forward to when you have them for sale. Nice work. Cool style, classic. Cheers - Porkchop

  2. Thanks Porkchop! Good to see you here.

  3. Would you do one of these in white with 53 on the back instead? It's what I have called my Bullet... and it's my birthday coming up!

  4. Chris- Alright!!!, Just put my order in for 1 of each. Love this design, can't wait to get the shirts. I'll be sure to snap some photos and send them your way once I get the shirts.
    Cheers - Porkchop

  5. Hey Chris,
    Got the shirts yesterday. They are fantastic, better in person that they look in the photos- Great material and really cool style when they are worn. I'm a happy man. I'll snap some photos when I take my next cruise with the Enfield and shoot them over to you. Thanks again! - Porkchop

  6. Thanks Porkchop!
    See Porkchop modeling his HMT Enfield shirt here:

  7. Hey all, this is really a nice site. really appreciate! actually i have ordered a Tee-Shirt and want to know how long does it take to reach. i am from India, Mumbai city or else if anyone has the contact details of so that i myself can trace the status of my order.

    Vijay Alur.