Thursday, September 1, 2011

TriBSA Cafe Racer

John Gulliver recently shared this old photo of his Triumph/BSA hybrid or "TriBSA" cafe racer with Her Majesty's Thunder. It's actually much more than just a combination of parts from two bikes. John describes it this way:

" home built 'special' Cafe Racer, all alloy 'mini' Bonneville motor ie. splayed head twin carb. 500, 'Gold Star' frame, RRT2 gear box, alloy engine internals. Norton 'Roadholder" forks and 'Commando' TLS brake, Eddie Dow "Superleggera" triple clamp... a lightwight and handy bike...

"It was sold to Simon, Tolkien's grandson, the registration number was SGT, his initials. Enthusiasts will notice this 'photo is cult magazine reversed, for their benefit the bike has RRT2 g/box, all alloy engine, Norton 'Roadholder' Eddie Dow 'Superleggerra' top yoke, 'Bonneville' h/light, Commando 2LS brake and lots of other stuff. The bike was featured in a cult magazine called 'On yer Bike'. Almost nothing in the engine was stock, including alloy t/wheels. all valve gear, Monty & Ward racing c/rods etc. etc. not bad work for a school boy..."

Such a clean, tasty machine.

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