Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jon Rispante's 1970 Custom Triumph Bobber

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Honestly, this is my ideal bobber. Triumph soul, black on black, 16" rear wheel, stock tank, hardtail with a 4" stretch, and as much drop as it can handle. This one is built by Jon Rispante and uses parts from three different Triumph motorcycles. Fork and gas tank were taken from a 1960s T100, the rear fender and many other elements borrowed from a 1966 Bonneville. The main donor was the bike was a 1970 Bonneville.

Rispante completely rebuilt the Bonneville engine, set the carburetor on the TR6, and Boyer ignition kit MAP Mikuni. Headlight is taken from a Model A Ford, tires - NOS Goodyear Super Eagles, 19-inch front, rear 16 inches. Once everything was assembled, painted, he decided to completely eliminate the chrome. An excellent choice for what is a timeless, classic, British motorcycle.

More of Jon's custom, vintage Brit work at the Born Free blog.

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