Monday, December 5, 2011

20th Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2011

I love the Japanese. Via Hummingburger


  1. Why is it that motorcycles look most appealing when they appear to have been buried alive? Is it a reaction to too much polished chrome? Motorcycles get dirty fast; stuff flying up from the wheels, oil spitting out of strange places, the chain flailing, things falling off and there are too many crevices to clean. So something SO shiny and SO clean and with all its parts still on it looks unused. So, oddly, the machines that look like they've done time in a junkyard do stand up well in this collection of photos.

  2. I completely agree, David! There's an unquestionable authenticity to the weathered, proven moto-veterans as opposed to their shiny counterparts.

  3. Have to agree as well. Use your bike, don' just fu$king shine it. Some sexy bikes on there!!