Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Public School Customs' BSA Bobber

So, these aren't the best photos, but I believe they're the first shots of this mysterious custom BSA motorcycle. The blurry nature of the shots make them seem like spy photos more than anything else. No other credit can be given to the photographer except for the Flickr username: "publicschoolcustoms" which did not return HMT's request for more information on this beautiful bike nor had any other photos to their credit. Google did not turn up any information on the builder. More blurry photos can be found at the link above. If you have any information leading to the apprehension of this bike's builder or owner, so we can get the real story and hopefully better photos, comment below!


  1. The guy who built this lives in Utah and his name is Mike. I am talking with him now about building a bike for me.

  2. Excellent! Please send his contact info to

  3. Hello my name is Mikey Humeston. It looks as though you have found my puppy!! I built this bike last year and am very glad to see people appreciating it. You can reach me at

    p.s. it doesn't leak oil.....enjoy!