Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Falcon Motorcycles: The Black

It took Ian Barry and nine individuals over a year to create this bike. When you see the details you'll understand why in the world of motorcycling, nothing compares to Ian Barry's creations.

"The Black Falcon was made from scratch around the engine of a 1952 Vincent Black Shadow. Everything apart from the engine, carbs and tires was designed by Ian Barry and made in house at his Falcon Motorcycles shop in Downtown LA, including the chassis, brakes, forks, tanks, and cylinders."
- Falcon Motorcycles.

Full photo gallery here.


  1. Outstanding! The video does a better job than the still pictures of capturing what it really looks like. But we don't hear it run. Does it run? On another note, I wonder about the idea of making everything adjustable with thumb screws. I looked down the other day and noticed that my clutch cable was self-adjusting itself; the stop nut was loose. Oh well. No danger I will be riding the Falcon anytime soon.

  2. And, from what I've heard, because of the astronomical build cost, Falcon is now just Ian again.