Thursday, March 18, 2010

Edwin Denim

Whether you write it "selvedge" (British) or "selvage" (American) there is so much of it going on at Edwin Denim. In 1947, denim jeans were not manufactured in Japan. It was then that K. K. Tsunemi founded Edwin Denim and began importing jeans directly from the United States. The jeans were worn and beaten up, so he's repair and clean them and offer them to his Japanese customers. In 1951, Japan started making jeans, but they were not up to the quality of the American counterparts so by 1961, Mr. Tsunemi began making his own. In the 1970s. Edwin Denim was the first company to offer "old wash" jeans, designed to replicate workwear that had been worn and washed from it's rigid, original state.

Check out the "Lookbooks" too. Slick stuff. I can't get enough of this stuff as my quest to own the perfect pair of jeans continues...

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