Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brown Bomba BSA Bobber

Exclusive to Her Majesty's Thunder: Check out Damian Bombardiere's Brown Bomba BSA custom bobber. This bomber is super clean. Open the blast doors! 

He welded on the hardtail and it's a 4" stretch by 2" drop.  Here's how it progressed:

Damien writes:
"Hi Chris.
Thanks for the interest, here is a brief history of my BSA.
It's a '71 model motor sits in a '67 dry frame with early 60's BSA forks and the tank is off a 50-60's Arial or BSA. It's a little agricultural but rides great and goes like the clappers. It was all built by me and sprayed by me, the only help I had was with the electrics. Nicked name the Brown Bomba, it is my first build, but definitely not my last.
- Cheers, Damian "

For greater detail, you can see even bigger photos on Damien's flickr page.

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  1. great bomber!


    bravo damien...
    and thanx chris.. for publishing it!