Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday ride

Got up early and rode with some pals out to a town called Zebulon, which sounds more like a location in a galaxy far, far away than North Carolina. Beautiful country roads where all you smell is gardenias, honeysuckle and Carolina pines. The photos below were taken at the end of the ride in Wake Forest, NC, USA. I found this old Texaco station that looks like it's been there a hundred years, but when I came upon this field, I'll be honest, it was very tempting to tear out across the countryside like Steve McQueen in "The Great Escape."


  1. When McQueen gets back to the prison, he's told, "Cooler." Back to solitary, in other words. But he sure was "cooler" in every sense of the word. I wonder if the film makers were conscious of the play on words.

  2. I think the owners of this field would send me to the Cooler if I spent all afternoon ripping around their property.

  3. hei HMT...

    your bike looks great bro!


    what have u changed on it?

    it's not much different of the factory model...
    but it look sooo much cooler!

  4. more pics available???
    any galleries online??

  5. Thanks Sake, Here are my changes:
    The tail light is a 1929 Ford tail light replica. The tires are bigger than stock - 4.00 x 19" from, The deeper, front fender is from a 350 Bullet (this bike is a 500 Bullet), The turn signals were added and I painted the bullet part black and I added the Ace Air filter (the coffee can-shaped thing behind the carb.

  6. Oh, more pics at