Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bike Hauler Update

Well, the battery died on the Enfield so I've been driving the truck. My 1961 F100 is a 1/2 ton of fun, both to tinker on and to drive. The beauty of these older vehicles is that there are only about 8 things under the hood and you can reach them all with room to spare.

Now, I'm no mechanical genius, but I do own a Royal Enfield so at least I can say I've graduated from mechanic elementary school and moved onto jr. high. On the Ford, I replaced the starter solenoid, fuel filter, added red seat belts and replaced the shifter boot (the old one was torn so I could see straight through the floor to the asphalt). Oh, and I painted two of the rims using the index card and rattle can method.

It turns out the truck has 3 different rims and only one big tire. The other three are smaller, car tires. Nice. This might explain its endearing, jalopy-like, stance.


  1. You are so talented, gifted and sweet! Good job on the truck, I know you are enjoying it! Love, Mom

  2. Haha thanks mom! Hey everybody... meet the world's BEST mother.

  3. Love that tailgate. They were proud of that truck, weren't they? Sometimes, today, you have to look all over a vehicle to find a logo that tells you who made it.