Thursday, September 16, 2010

New HMT Transport Vehicle

As our readers know, Her Majesty's Thunder looked for many months for a chunky utility vehicle to carry our bike and gear to British motorcycle enthusiasts whenever we can. I rescued this magnificent specimen from captivity in the Bull City, Durham, NC. It's a 1961 Ford F100 shortbed, a time machine in nearly original condition. This little bucket runs and sounds great. And that rumbling, dual exhaust helps. I'm going to go sit in it and smell 49 years of awesome. See you at the shows!


  1. Nice truck! But it's a sixty two! That was the first year for that body style, and the only year ford ever made a unibody bed/cab setup up until the late models.

    I had a sixty six myself, great trucks. I loved them as much as I love bikes. Great find guys!

    joel welsh

  2. Well, I beg your pardon. I was told wrong. I researched more and found they were made across a three year span.

    I apologize.

    But again, great find!


  3. Great truck! And great photos, as always.

  4. Nice work. I'm on the search for an elder Ford Bronco to pull my Enfield.

    Keep us up to date on the new ride.