Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Detroit's Velodrome and the Mower Gang

Back in September 2010, a group of volunteers called the Mower Gang discovered Detroit's Velodrome - an abandoned racetrack. They cleaned it up, trimmed the grass and cleared the weeds off the track.

Of course a couple of hooligans like Fabrizio found out and had a go themselves. The bikes look great and include a couple Triumphs. One stock and one or more custom. Might be a Yamaha xs650 in there too.

There have since been other events seen in this video for mopeds, bicycles and pit bikes.

I'm thankful there are still people like this who see something and make a difference without anyone forcing them or any government program paying for it.

Nice work, Mower Gang.



  1. Hey, This is Tom from the Mower Gang. Thanks for writing this. Google let me know that someone has been talking about us, I'm just happy you had something nice to say. We'll be back at it in the Spring, cleaning, mowing, and having fun.