Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Downshift Studios Car & Bike Show

This weekend I took the boys down to the 1st annual Downshift Studios Car and Bike Show. Once the boys realized that the meaning of daddy's term "hot rod show" did not include flying '52 Chevys jumping school buses while on fire and more accurately defined a parking lot full of cars just standing still ...not on fire.... smiles quickly turned to scowls.

We left about nap time and I returned on my bike to hang out with Chad and the guys from TonUpNC.

Black '52 Chevy + 4 yr old scowl = awesome.
Look at that BSA badge. It's like candy.
1965? BSA

1952 Chevy

Man cave.
Microphone shifter

"This show sucks fingers, Dad."


  1. Yeah I went to a car show to hunt down parts for my old car. Had a 7 year old dying to go with me. I finally relented, after trying to tell him he might not enjoy it so much. When he found out I hadn't been lying, and that there really were no rides, or cotton candy, the look of dejection on his face was terrific. Hey, I tried to tell him it wasn't the state fair. What else could I do? :)