Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2000 Mile Epic Ride To Boston

In 2010, my old friend Scott Wilson rode his Harley from Garden City, Kansas to New York City. He says, "In one week, I traveled through 9 states and the District of Columbia for a total of 2000 miles. I saw beautiful scenery, historic sites, and sunsets that took my breath away. After arriving in NYC, I ran the New York City Marathon. I finished in 4 hour and 20 minutes. Thanks to all those who encouraged me and supported me on my adventure..."

Scott came through our area last November and we caught up after many years apart. The next day I rode him out of town on a beautiful fall morning. My 5-second cameo is at 06:28. Enjoy his video below.

Even if he is on a Harley.

Yours Truly

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