Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4.00 x 19 Motorcycle Tires

I get a lot of questions about the tires I'm running on my Enfield. I use 4.00 x 19 front and back, however Domiracer, the supplier that used to carry these has stopped selling them so I wanted to post a few alternatives, although I've never bought from these suppliers. (Click the captions for the links).

Duro HF308 Universal (4.00 x 19)

Heidenau K37 Universal Tire (4.00 x 19)


  1. They look fantastic with the bike, and black hubs and rims. You certainly captured a "look." I hadn't realized until now how much the tread design contributed to appearance.

  2. Hi

    The Duro 308 tires look very nice in your bike.
    I have tried to find someone who are selling them, but it,s difficult.

    I'm considering the Ensign 3.50x19 Universal, they are slightly smaller than the Duro 308, (about 4mm), but they have the classic look. They got them at Hitchcocks.
    They look very like the old Dunlop tires fitted to most Royal Enfield during the World War II, and some years after.

    Also the 4.00x19 Mitas H02 Universal, is a nice tire, most popular fitted to the Russian Ural.

    But it's definitely very cool to have the same size front and rear.

    I also ride the Indian 500 Bullet.

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  4. hi, just curious as to whether any modification to the fenders was needed in order to roll on the 4.00- 19s, pls exuse my ignorance im very new to all of this, congrats on such a magnificent looking machine

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  6. They look good but I have no idea how the quality is. I will stick to my Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires as it is already proven

  7. I've got a royal Enfield B5 and was wondering about tires. Does having the same size up front as in back negatively impact the handling at all? I'm considering the Dunlop K81s, but worry about fender stay clearance. Really dig the look.

  8. What size are the rims you are using to match these tires? Where did you find them?

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