Friday, August 17, 2012

Bring the Thunder

 Dan "Porkchop" Raleigh is serving overseas, representing HMT with our patches. We are honored and appreciate your service, Dan. Stay safe, brother.

"Chris, I took some photos with the patches on my uniform (not sure if the Army would accept sponsorship or not, but I think the look could catch on!) - I think the patch with the 'Airborne' tab works well. Perhaps the HMT Airborne Battalion... I'll see if I can recruit some mates. Couple more bike pics for you from the past couple weeks. Found an abandoned bike outside an Afghan base and gave it a bit of it up and running! Score a victory for the US. I gave it over to the Afghan army when I was done and I think they thought I was a wizard of some sort.
Cheerio and all the best
- Chop"

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