Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Goodbye Helmet

The other day I was riding along and suddenly I have no shifter. I pulled over, walked for a couple miles to see where it fell off - couldn't find it anywhere. I walk my bike over to the grocery parking lot and call the tow truck. We load up the bike, have some interesting conversation, drive off. I'm a dummy. I left my helmet in the lot right in a corner where I'd gently set it down. Once I realized I didn't have it with me, I shot back over and it was gone. Vintage helmet, great condition, with the most perfect fit and exquisite cue-ball ivory color that I'd searched for for months. My Halcyon goggles were not cheap either. Thanks jerkface.


  1. That's terrible about the helmet. I did find a partial solution to my shift lever (repeatedly) going missing. Might work for you: link.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Karma will get the fu$ker who nabbed it!

  3. Man, that SUCKS! Sorry about the helmet and goggles. +1 on the karma - I'm throwin' some extra mojo that jerk's way.