Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Photos from the Road

We worked a lot while we were on the road, but we did get some riding in. One highlight was meeting my friend David Blasco of the renowned blog. I rode out to have lunch with him and his lovely wife, Bonnie. They're such great people and I loved swapping Enfield stories and hearing about their other adventures in the blogosphere.

When we got back, Hudson (my 5 yr old) and I wanted to spend some quality time working on the Enfield. I confess I sort of gerry-rigged a setup to tighten a very sloppy primary chain. I used a rubber caster cup. Don't judge me. Hudson pointed out my hands were getting dirty and I told him that a long time ago, someone taught me never to be afraid to get your hands dirty when you work. Nothing is so pointless as four people standing around staring at an unsolved problem because no one wants to get grease under their nails.  He said he wanted to "put it back together" so I let him do the wrenching. There's no place like home.

David Blasco, owner and writer at

My best pal, Sanders, stealing a ride

Mr. Castle and I flattened the hills in Florida.
Time stops here. Vintage St., Orlando, FL, USA
Yes, I used a rubber caster cup to tense up the primary chain.

My little guy, Hudson: not afraid of dirt

A job well done. Now, we ride.


  1. hai..i hve a 1972 model military..royal enfield

  2. Great looking bike! Great pix. Great kid. Great meeting you in person at last.

  3. Bikefest in 2011 wanted one every since.
    The 2008 Military is the gaudiest thing I ever saw, but I fell in love at first sight. Looks like it is built like a tank.
    Loved your pictures. Especially Orlando. I lived in Kissimmee for 12 years was in the military and worked for the State. Good biking until the rat moved in. Ride to Florida every year in the Fall. I live in the Applachain Mountains of Eastern Kentucky am retired out of the military and always planning a ride somewhere.

  4. I Like that BIKE!!! Great looking!!!


    check out the enfield history