Monday, December 6, 2010

This Hero is Modest

ADVrider forum poster "buzzez" found this newspaper article in a wall while remodeling his home. "Policeman Reports Saving Couple in Runaway Only When Ordered." The article describes the harrowing, 1910 rescue by motorcycle officer F.E. Lockman of a couple traveling by horse and buggy when the horse was spooked and bolted. Officer Lockman rode his motorcycle alongside the horse, jumped off the moving motorcycle and onto the horse, stopping it after being dragged 50 feet. The best part is that he went back to the station to report only that he had wrecked his motorcycle (leaving out the act of heroism until his sergeant ordered him to report the full story.)

via ADVRider forum

 It doesn't say what type of motorcycle he rode, but in 1910 it would have looked similar to this:

via dvrbs

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