Thursday, January 20, 2011

F.Y.B.O. 2011 photos

FYBO indeed! Her Majesty's Thunder is now a regular sponsor of the event with t-shirt giveaways and shop rag swag. It was just 29 degrees when I headed out last Saturday morning to the Freeze Your Balls Off event in Durham, NC. I had about a 40 minute ride ahead of me, but my snowballs were plenty bundled. This was a personal new record for cold riding - previously, 36 degrees was my lowest. I met up with Daniel from Fistful of Choppers along the way which was great - a cool guy (even when it's warmer).

The event is put on by the Incriminators Scooter club at the Fullsteam Brewery there in Durham, NC. Not as many people attended as in 2010 (heck is was 25 degrees warmer) but there were still plenty of scooters and a few motorcycles. The TonUpNC guys were there and they led the hour-long country ride when the temp was still only about 40. There was still ice on the ground in some areas but the roads were mostly clear. The Moped Army of seven showed up to swarm and destroy which was great if not smileworthy. With the noise coming from around the corner, I was sure the junior Shriners were coming. Nice to see more custom two-wheelers anyway.

I'll definitely go again next year.

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