Monday, January 3, 2011

Meet Patrick Hogan: 60s British Cafe Racer

1937 BSA 750 Twin
New Year's eve afternoon weather was finally warmer than freezing so I snuck out for a ride. I visited Rex Floyd at his shop and met a new friend, Patrick Hogan. Patrick was an original British cafe racer from the 60's who spent Friday nights racing with his mates from the Ace Cafe to the Busy Bee and back on a 1937 BSA 750 Twin. Here's how he tells it:

"My dad died when I was five so I grew up with mum who wasn't very wealthy. When I asked for my first motorcycle most kids were getting Triumph Tiger Cubs. I had one all lined up, used of course, but my mum waited too long so I got a used BSA Bantam 125 instead. I really wanted the Triumph!

"When I got a little older I found a beat up 1937 BSA 750 V-Twin for about 5 quid. I had to pull it down out of the fellow's rafters. It had girder forks, rigid rear end and a car tire on the back. It also used to have a side car.

I had trouble with one of the carbs so I only ran it on one cylinder making it a 350. One day my mate helped me fix it so it changed from a 350 to a 750 in an instant. What a difference!"

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