Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Better In The Wind

It's Better In The Wind - 2011 Trailer 2 from Scott Toepfer on Vimeo.

Ready to be jealous? What if you were free from all cares and could take off on your bike at any time, in perfect weather, to any destination. That's the what the upcoming independent film titled, "It's Better In The Wind" looks like. I interviewed L.A.-based photographer Scott G. Toepfer, who filmed, edited and experienced these escapes of freedom on location during various cross country rides throughout the Western US.

You'll see some Triumph bikes both bobbed and cafe racer style. As Scott tells it,
 "The film is just as much about 'getting away' as it is about motorcycles. The riders aren't exactly featured, it's a group of guys riding and camping and leaving LA as often as possible. The group tends to hover around 4-6 guys, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the ride."

There was an accompanying book released in 2010 of the same title (Now sold out). Be sure to check out the other teasers for the film on Scott's Vimeo page.

Scott continues, "As for the bikes, there are a couple of modern Triumphs, a couple old Hondas, and my bike is currently a Yamaha xs650. We occasionally cruise with a couple chopper guys on old Harley's, and I think the film will include some footage of them as well. I try not to discriminate too often. The Triumphs tend to take precedence because they are the guys that I am closest with, and have a certain regularity when we go out and shoot. A couple of the bikes are very custom, and a couple are pretty stock. Samson really only rides Japanese stock restoration bikes, which are beautiful. Myself and the Triumph guys tend to be a bit more on the customization side of things."

I'm looking forward to this one. In talking with him, the talented Mr. Toepfer seems to be a genuine guy who loves what he does and shares what he loves.


  1. Nice item! Moved me to want to see it.

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