Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gary Myrick's Custom Triumph

Recently, I interviewed Gary Myrick about his bike. It's 1970 Triumph 750 and is probably unlike any you've seen. Built by Kiyo over at Garage Company in Los Angeles, it's stretched to a full 9 feet 4 inches and it looks painfully awkward. But then, Gary is also a rock star.

Gary: Thought you might like to see this.

HMT: Whoa. Is that yours? Love the brass and bronze details.

Gary: Yes, it's my 1970 Triumph.

HMT: Did you build it yourself or was it delivered to your door one day by the Angel of Death?

Gary: I had it built to my specs. I have full build history too. It's all metal no paint just patina. A 750 with kick and jockey shift. A amazing rider. Been in 3 magazines featured. It was built to my design by Kiyo at the garage company. He has built a shovel head for me a few years back. I dreamed it up but he is the real talent. I am a musician/ artist and design is part of my thing.

HMT: Got any photos of you on it? It looks like... a sketchy ride.

Gary: It's a real work of art and amazing one of a kind old school all the way rider. I've had many hot rods, harleys all old school as I shift and often foot clutch. I love the 1920s-1960s bikes,cars,all style and wanted a bare bones metal finish Triumph only having HD in past.

HMT: Where are you now?

Gary: I'm from Texas living in Los Angeles and lived in London for 2 years playing writing with Clash bassist in a band Havana 3AM . I also collect vintage gear, helmets, jackets, kidney belts, caps, gloves and so on. Ps you can see a short speed up shot of me on bike in my YouTube video "fame is dangerous".

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  1. man... great bike!

    old style diggggger!

    + i love that brown leather jacket, on the last pic!