Monday, February 28, 2011

Vintage Kodachrome Photographs

Cool old Kodachrome photos. I couldn't make contact with the photographer/owner, but these look to be shot in the early 1950s. A funny thing about being born during the Nixon administration is that the world was black and white before 1965. I felt so detached from people, places and history because I never saw them in their natural hues. Now, seeing that time period in real color, they seem unreal, like they're part of a movie set. And yet, now it's easy to see they were real people, and not merely historically recorded figures.

Here's a neat set of British motorcycles: A rocker's Matchless, a cute girl on a blue 1953(?) Triumph, a shiny, new Norton, and a smart looking Ariel among others.

More photos at sprintsc's photo galleries.

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