Friday, February 11, 2011

Two 1930s Motorcycle Racing Films

I love the old images of the American sport of motorcycle hillclimbing. In the USA, hillclimbing means riding straight up a very steep, unpaved  hill to see who can go the farthest. In the case where more than one rider reaches the top, the winner is the one who got there the fastest. In the British Isles, "hillclimbing" is a much different sport, where one races to the top of a hill, on paved, gradual, curving roads where the race looks more like a gran prix.

In the video below, most bikes are Harley Davidsons or Indians, but I spotted at least two that look to be British steeds. That heart shaped Triumph timing case is unmistakable.

1930s Motorcycle Hill Climbing, California, USA

 The second film was shot in the 1930s in Keene, New Hampshire, USA. I would love to have a go at what looks like a primitive, dusty, rough-riding experience.

1930s Motorcycle Racing, Keene, NH, USA

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