Monday, March 14, 2011

Adam Cramer of Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Amen, sir.

This excellent short on the wrenching wisdom of Adam Cramer of Liberty Vintage Motorcycles in Philadelphia really speaks to me. I love garage work, building stuff that I can handle. In this digital age where one keystroke can delete the work of your entire career, Cramer reminds us about creating things that are physical.

It's shot and edited by the inspiring cinematographer, Andrew David Watson. This piece is as much about Adam as is it about Andrew and his eye for simplicity and authenticity. Seen on Pipeburn.


  1. Adam rebuilt the top end on my Norton...he's a great guy and does solid work.

  2. Chris

    Easy enough mistake to make, but the Andrew who made the video is a different Andrew to little ol' me. He's a talented cinematographer who is based in NYC. I'm a smart arse skylarker based in Sydney.

    Thanks for the interest, tho. Greetings from Pipeburn.