Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For Sale: '73 Triumph Bonneville Bobber 750cc

Dan from Raeford, NC describes his 73 Triumph on Craigslist, this way,  "300 Miles on engine since rebuild in 2005. Engine needs some work to fix a leak, but it doesn't keep it from performing. Still pulls hard and runs solid" $2800

I asked him about the kicker. "It will start, but riding it around takes some rigging. The pedal, once used to start the bike, loses the compression and spring and then just wants to drag on the ground. So to ride it, the thing has to be strapped to the frame. It's very annoying and not practical to ride around town that way. Esp if it stalls, which it likes to do early in the day or after it hasn't been started in a while. Once warmed up though, the thing will ride all day. So the simple answer is, it will start, but it won't be good to ride home. Around the block, we can figure it out. It's not a dream bike...yet. It's still a work in progress."

PS, a kicker spring is about $12 and an easy fix.
Email Dan at falsefacetribe@yahoo.com

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  1. We have the kicker spring in stock!