Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pipeburn's Imaginary Garage

via Pipeburn

I absolutely love the work Andrew does over at Pipeburn. The quality of the work in his Imaginary Garage feature is not only stratospheric, but it is thoroughly inspiring. The result is so realistic that you'd swear it was an actual photograph. The way it works is this: Andrew posts a photo of a standard motorcycle, then asks for comments from readers on what modifications they'd like to see. Then he picks the best mod and creates a realistic, digital version using Photoshop. If he picks your idea, you win a distinguished prize.

A note to aspiring commenters: do not post your own photoshoppery or you'll be disqualified. Do not post only, "Make it a cafe racer!" or you'll be disqualified. Comments must be specific, and detailed, and fairly extensive as if you were sending instructions to your own custom bike shop for building your dream-bike.

Today's feature is the 1925 Brough Superior Drag Bike. Be sure to visit his article for a breathtaking, full-size image of awesome. There are others: the 1929 Norton Cafe Racer, or the 2010 Triumph Hill Climber.

The Brough Superior, before:

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