Friday, January 13, 2012

H.M.T. Sponsors F.Y.B.O. 2012, This Weekend

It's F.Y.B.O. again!
HMT will be there sponsoring the event again (one of our favorites!) and there will be free shirts awarded at the raffle as well as other goodies for your rally bag. Look for the Thunder Hauler on Saturday to pick-up your HMT threads.

It's not usually that cold once the sunshine warms it up from 29 degrees to about 50. Here's a couple tips for staying warm and stylish.
1.) Wear long johns and sweats under jeans.
2.) Do the same on top, so you can remove layers once you warm up. Wear 4 or 5 layers under your leather (including an official Her Majesty's Thunder t-shirt of course)
3.) Take an old t-shirt (or flannel or fleece) and cut out a square face scarf. Fold in half for a double layer.
4.) Apply tiny amount of dish soap inside your goggles to keep from fogging. Wipe off (but don't rinse).
4.) Lined gauntlet gloves.

Now stop crying about being cold and scared of today being Friday the 13th. Layer up and ride.

And say your prayers.

Layered up & ready to F.Y.B.O.
Too much information? 

Brings The Thunder

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  1. Nothing makes a more comfy face scarf than your kid's baby blanket. Washed a million times, soft to begin with, just the right size. Best to wait until the kid outgrows it before making off with it.